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Level 1 ABA Online Training Course (Autism Basics)

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"We had one of those magic moments on Friday - My assistant was working with a student and had begun the session with a 'pairing' focus. The child was very unhappy and at one point was throwing himself to the floor at which stage I asked the assistant "Are you instructing or Pairing" She replied "I'm good - I am pairing." I let them be and 5 minutes later I could hear the child laughing and responding to instructions and WOW it was so worth the effort..."
Author: Roslyn Fleay, Special Needs Center Director (Australia)

“I truly enjoyed the course and learned so many things that I was immediately able to put into practice! As an SLP in a pediatric private practice, I work with many children on the autism spectrum. Though I am not in a classroom (anymore- I used to be school-based) I found the course to be rich with strategies and tools I can use daily. I also appreciated the presentation of the research behind the methods/techniques. Knowing that there is solid research behind what I am doing is very important me. Thanks again for a great course. I am certainly more confident in the things I do with my clients!”
Author: Andrea Van Boven, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

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Author: Lesley de Dios

showing 1 to 3 of 3 records